Spring Career Days – A Penn State Perk

You may be thinking, “Why should I care about Career Days? I have enough to worry about with my college decision!” We agree with you, but we also think a big part of the college experience is preparing you for life after college by providing you with access to the finest education, research opportunities, and study abroad options, while also preparing you for potential internships and future careers.

Every year, Penn State Career Services hosts a Spring Career Days for students, connecting them with potential employers looking for interns and future graduates for full-time positions. Despite the shaky economy and a higher-than-average unemployment rate, these Career Days were a huge success, boasting over 300 employers and over 4,000 students in attendance (an increase in attendance for both groups over last spring).

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On both February 6 and 7, employers and students from all Penn State campuses met in the Bryce Jordan Center to discuss job opportunities, network, and exchange resumes, all with the hopes of making the perfect match between companies and future interns or employees. In addition to learning about companies in their chosen fields, this fair also provided students an opportunity to work on their networking and interviewing skills in preparation for their post-graduate lives. And this event is just one of the many ways that Career Services can help Penn State students find success after earning their degrees!

So while you may only be considering what your life will be like over the next four years, be sure to look at the services your future college provides to prepare you for the years that follow. Penn State excels at preparing its graduates for post-collegiate life – there is a reason that corporate recruiters ranked Penn State #1 in a recent Wall Street Journal ranking.

And, while you still may not know what you want to do (who does really!), Career Services will be there along your journey to help you prepare for employment in whatever field you decide!

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