Making “Cents” of it All

Nittany Lion.pngMany of you have already started the process of becoming a Penn State student by accepting your offer, paying your deposit, and learning more about our First-Year Testing, Consulting, and Advising Program, or FTCAP, as we call it (the first of MANY acronyms, as you will discover!).

But, we know that all of you are not there yet. Regardless of whether Penn State may be on the top of your short list, or somewhere in the middle of a long list, you have until May 1 to let us know you want to be a Nittany Lion.

We know there are a number of individual factors to consider when making your college decision, but do you know what is consistently on the top of students’ college considerations? The most recent studentPOLL survey on the subject, published by the College Board and Art & Science Group, indicates they are:

  • Academic Quality
  • Safety
  • Financial Aid
  • Cost

All perfectly reasonable and important reasons for selecting a college. Chances are, you already know plenty about the wonderful academic programs available at Penn State, and you have done your “homework” about our campuses and the safety of students.

But, determining the affordability of college and evaluating this investment is difficult. There is a lifetime benefit to the cost associated with attending college – and it is an investment in your future. More than likely, the costs of attendance may be the deciding factor in your decision. You have to not only look at tuition and other costs, but how you plan to pay for it through a combination of savings, available financial aid, possible scholarships and other sources.

The good news is that those students who submitted their FAFSA by March 1 will know the financial aid component later this month. At that time, you will receive an email letting you know how to access your Student Aid Summary on eLion. To help students understand this important summary, they can reference the Student Aid Summary Guide created by the Office of Student Aid.

We hope that you are also considering financial assistance outside of what Penn State offers its students – every little bit helps! By now we hope you know that Penn State prepares its graduates for success after college with top academics, a strong support structure, and great outside-the-classroom opportunities, making it a strong investment in your future. That being said, we know that funding a college education is not always easy.

But if you make the decision to accept your offer to Penn State, you will quickly realize the benefits of investing in this solid education, which will continue from your first class all the way to graduation day – and beyond, thanks to our amazing alumni network.

Don’t forget to visit the Office of Student Aid website to make sure you have all the information you need on financing your Penn State education; and remember, you have until May 1 to accept your offer. We wish you luck with your decision, and we hope you decide to join the Penn State family!

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