From Admission to … Graduation!

We know it is hard to think about college graduation when many of you haven’t even graduated from high school yet, but graduation rates are something important to consider when selecting a college.

Whether you are already coming to Penn State or still considering your options, we have good news for the future recipients of Penn State degrees – we make sure that our students have all the resources they need to graduate, and on schedule as well!

In his most recent comments to the Board of Trustees on March 16, President Rodney Erickson touched on the newest graduation rate information available in an easily searchable database from The Chronicle of Higher Education. This database features graduation rates from 1,251 colleges and universities, and Penn State University fairs well in the rankings. University Park ranks:

  • #1 among Pennsylvania public schools for the 6-year graduation rate (the national reporting norm)
  • #5 among national flagship public universities for the 6-year graduation rate
  • Top 5% of public colleges for our 4-year graduation rate
  • Top 2% of public colleges for our 6-year graduation rate


These top rankings in graduation rates prove that Penn State is dedicated to the success of its students by not only providing them an excellent education, but all of the support they need to complete their degrees successfully.

President Erickson also pointed out that “experiences with outstanding faculty, ambitious research projects and real-world applications enhance the career opportunities of our students,”(1) which shows that Penn State students are not only graduating, but they gaining important experience as undergraduates that prepares them for successful careers. We already told you about our highly attended 2012 Spring Career Days, but Penn State has also seen great interest in other fairs: the People-to-People Career Fair for service, wellness, and recreation opportunities saw more than twice as many registered employers over last year and the Education Career Day has 48 school districts registered to attend next week.

So while you might not even know your intended degree, let alone your intended career, you can rest assured that Penn State will provide you the opportunity to take advantage of all the wonderful education, support, and experiences it has to offer. Our goal is to help you achieve success in your chosen degree, and ultimately, your chosen field.

So with the high percentage of Penn State students that complete their degrees and graduate from the university, we hope that you will not only join our active student body, but that you will also join the ranks of our thousands and thousands of successful alums worldwide!

(1) Penn State Live. “Board of Trustees meets; President Erickson’s remarks.” March 16, 2012.

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