Colombia and Mexico: Here comes Penn State!


My name is Margaret Badiali.  I’m an undergraduate admissions counselor for Penn State University and I work with prospective students both domestically and internationally.  Like Mary and JoAnn, I travel outside of the United States in order to meet students who are interested in applying to Penn State.  My next recruitment trip starts in Cartagena, Colombia.  This is the 4th time I will visit this wonderful city to talk with high school students and college counselors.

From there, I fly to Mexico City to visit high schools and talk with parents and students at a huge college fair hosted by the American School Foundation.  The fair is Saturday, September 29.  I always enjoy representing Penn State at college fairs.  Even in faraway cities like Cartagena and Mexico City, students are eager to talk with me about coming to Penn State for their education.

I don’t linger in Mexico City, but fly to Queretaro for the college fair at John F. Kennedy School on Monday, October 1.  Then I travel to Monterrey for the American School Foundation college fair on October 2.  Finally, I fly to Guadalajara for the American School Foundation college fair on Wednesday October 3.  I expect to see lots of interest in Penn State at the many high schools and college fairs I visit in these cities.

If you are a student in any of these cities, I urge you to check out the International visitation site for more information.  Your school counselor should also be able to provide you with the information.

I’m looking forward to my whirlwind recruitment trip to Colombia and Mexico and especially to meeting future Penn State students!

Don’t forget, you can start your application now!



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