Transfer 101: Transferring to the University Park Campus

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In my previous post on the subject, I covered the basics of transferring to Penn State. This time, let’s dig in a bit deeper…

One of the most common questions that I typically get is some variant of:

I am currently a freshman at So-And-So University. Can I transfer to Penn State’s University Park campus?

The simple answer is no — you will not be able to transfer from So-And-So University directly to University Park if you have or will have completed only one year of academic work. But, you still have options at Penn State.

First, to help you understand why University Park is not an option, you must pretend to be a first-year applicant at Penn State.

psuAs part of the first-year application process at Penn State, students can choose to attend any one of the University’s 20 campuses throughout Pennsylvania, including University Park. For those students that attend a Commonwealth Campus (a campus other than University Park) for their first two years, they then transition to the University Park campus between their fourth and fifth semesters to complete their degree. (They can also transition to any other campus that offers their intended degree.) We call it the 2+2 plan.

When first-year students enter Penn State in the 2+2 plan, they are not permitted to transition to the University Park campus until their fifth semester, a full two years into their Penn State education. It is because of this policy for current Penn State students that the University has adopted a similar requirement for students transferring from another college or university.

If you are interested in transferring directly to the University Park campus, you must have completed two years (4 semesters) of full-time college coursework at another institution by the time of transfer to be eligible for admission. If you have not been attending another institution as a full-time student, then you must have completed a total of 60 credit hours of coursework.

If you have fewer than two years of college work at another college or university, you’ll want to apply to a campus other than University Park.

Additionally, some academic colleges and programs have coursework requirements for transfer students, and some Penn State programs are closed to transfer students. The General Eligibility for Baccalaureate Degree Programs page does a great job outlining the various requirements for transferring to Penn State — at any campus and in any program.

As always, please visit for answers to all of your questions about transferring to Penn State. If you have additional questions throughout the process, we are always happy to help out! Write to or call 814-865-5471 to get in touch with an admissions counselor.

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