How do I defer admission?

May 1 ImageAs the May 1 decision day approaches, some of you may be making plans to take a year off before college to work, study abroad, or pursue other opportunities during a gap year. In most cases, your acceptance to Penn State will be waiting for you when you are ready to return.

Our office receives a lot of calls and emails at this time of year from students wanting to defer admission. In general, offers of admission are valid for one year from the original semester of the offer. There are some other details you need to consider:

  • The easiest way to defer admission is to accept the offer you currently have through your MyPennState profile, then contact us to have your acceptance moved to a future semester. We can then discuss your options regarding the future semester of enrollment. Additionally, you will not need to re-apply or pay the enrollment deposit again, and you’ll receive a letter from us confirming that the change was made.
  • You are allowed to take courses at other colleges or universities during the time you are deferred, but if you take 18 or more college credits during that time, we will need to re-evaluate your application as a transfer student. If you plan to take college classes somewhere else, please send us a copy of your course schedule so that we can add the classes to your application. We will also need an official transcript from the institution when the courses are completed.

As a final reminder, please note that this policy only applies to students who have received an offer of admission. If you were not admitted to your campus of choice, please contact us to discuss your options for starting in a future semester.

If you are planning to defer, enjoy your gap year and we’ll see you in 2014!

– Jenna

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