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I just returned from a recruitment trip to the Middle East.  While I was there, I visited Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and Jordan.  It was a great trip and there were lots of students interested in Penn State.  I even met a few who have accepted their offers of admission and will be on campus later this year!  How exciting is that?!

Riyadh 2013_013

Penn State representatives at a college fair in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

My first week of the trip was spent at a very large college fair in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  For the next two weeks, I traveled to other countries with a group of other colleges and universities.  We visited 20 high schools in six cities in less than two weeks.  We were busy!  When the tour group moves around so often, that means that we often have a short visit at each school—usually one hour, maybe two.  When a group of college recruiters descends on your school for just one hour, how can you make the most of the experience?

For starters, do a little research on the schools that are coming.  If you have a specific major in mind, which schools offer that program?  Where are the schools located?  If you want a college or university in a specific state or area of the U.S., which schools are located there?  Before the group of admissions counselors arrives, know which schools interest you.  That way, you can spend the time asking the admissions counselors questions about admissions requirements and campus life rather than standing in the middle of the room wondering which admissions counselors you want to talk to.

Amman 2013_10

Kathryn visiting a high school in Amman, Jordan.

I’m back in State College and we’re at the end of our international travel season now.  There are a few high school visits left in Turkey and Switzerland, then we take a break from travel over the summer.  Summer in the Undergraduate Admissions Office is a time for us to plan for the year ahead.  It’s also a great time for you to come visit us.  If you are in the US this summer, we invite you to come for a campus visit  or one of our Spend a Summer Day events.

If you aren’t in the U.S. this summer, never fear!  We may be coming to a school near you next fall!  Come September, we will be back on the road in Asia, Latin America and Europe.  Check out our international visitation schedule to see where we’ve been this year and when we might be near you next year!

– Kathryn

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