Tests, tests, and more tests …

The Penn State application for the summer and fall of 2014 is finally available! But as you know, completing the application is only part of the admissions process. In addition to the online submission of your application and your high school transcript, we also need some official test scores to consider your application complete.

Whether you have already taken a standardized test and plan to take it again with the hopes of doing better or you have yet to take a standardized test, you still have time to complete this requirement before our preferred filing date of November 30.

Before we get into more test registration details, you should know that Penn State accepts both exams – so whether you take the SAT or ACT, you are all set! We don’t prefer one over the other – they are the same in our eyes and we will use either one to complete this application requirement. Just remember that if you take the ACT, we do require the writing component (which is optional when you sign up for the ACT, so be sure to indicate you want to complete that portion).

One other item of note is that we use the best score from a single test date – we do not superscore, nor do we look at all the scores you send us when evaluating your application. This means that there is no downside to sending us all of your scores. In the end, we will only use and evaluate your application with your best overall score.

SAT Info
The deadline to register for the October 5 test date is coming up – it’s September 6. But, the College Board also offers another SAT on November 2, for which you need to register by October 3. With either exam, you should have plenty of time to send us your test scores by November 30. To make sure we receive the results without delay, be sure to indicate that you want your scores sent directly to Penn State to get them here in time. Our SAT code is #2660.

One other SAT item of note – we do not require subject tests, only the standard exam.

ACT Info
While you can still sign up to take the September 21 ACT through September 6 by paying a late fee, your next chance to take the exam will be October 26. The deadline to register for that test date is September 27. Again, just make sure you take the writing component so we can use the ACT score. You can also have your test scores sent directly to us – our ACT code is #3656.

One last important note to remember about these standardized tests: after you apply, keep checking your MyPennState profile to verify that we have received your test results.

We wish you the best of luck on any standardized test you have scheduled this fall. Try following the SAT Question of the Day on Twitter to help you prepare!

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