Campus Highlight: Penn State York

Our “Campus Highlight” series allows us to share posts about Penn State campuses, straight from the campuses themselves. In each post, staff and students from the campus answer a few provided questions, so you can learn about what makes each of Penn State’s campuses unique and read information about them that you might not find anywhere else! Next up, Penn State York.

Penn State York

Penn State York Campus

Penn State York Campus

What are some of the unique academic and/or research opportunities at York?
The York campus has the Graham Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies. This center focuses on getting students high-quality internships with a large number of local companies. One sophomore engineering student interned at Harley-Davidson last year and helped design their latest line of motorcycles!


Please share a unique historical aspect of or a fun fact about York.
Even though Penn State York does not have on-campus housing, we have a large number of students who make our campus their “away from home” college. We have students from eighteen different countries and eleven different states (we are extremely diverse). Our campus sits right on the border of the City of York and the surrounding suburbs. There are two popular apartment complexes within walking distance of campus, one in the city and one in the suburbs.

The York Pullo Center

The Penn State York Pullo Center

Also, our Pullo Center is the largest concert venue in the University outside of University Park. This year alone we have had Alton Brown, Phil Phillips, and the musical American Idiot all perform.

But, the Pullo Center is not just for big-time shows and performances – it’s also a favorite location for students! As student Amy Hammonds shares:

I really love our Pullo Center. This is the building where our library is and honestly I just love the entire building! The library is a wonderful place to get homework done or just relax between classes. Whenever I am here or anywhere in the Pullo Center, I feel like I can relax and enjoy doing my school work.

What is the favorite hang out of students? What is their favorite off-campus activity?

I would say that students really enjoy our game room on campus. We have numerous gaming systems, and we also have games such as ping pong, air hockey, and pool. This is always a very busy location and a fun place to be!

A popular off-campus activity is getting a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants near campus and catching a movie. There are also a number of locations to do some shopping.

What activities are students involved in at York? What are some of the highlights of the organizations?

THON is becoming a very big part of our campus, and I am so happy to see the increase in involvement. On our campus we try to have a lot of unity among our clubs and help each other out. Another great organization on our campus is Lion Ambassadors. The Lion Ambassadors work closely with admissions and provide tours of the campus to prospective students. The Lion Ambassadors take great pride in Penn State. They host a few annual events including Christmas Caroling in the winter and a campus clean-up in the spring. Their ongoing service project is collecting soda tabs for the Ronald McDonald house in Hershey, PA.

York students at THON

Who do you consider a “Campus Face to Know” and why?
Dr. Anne Vardo-Zalik is definitely a “face to know” on campus. Dr. Vardo-Zalik teaches biology and is officially a parasitologist (her research focuses on parasites). Apparently lizards can contract malaria, and Dr. Vardo-Zalik is a world expert in this field. Last summer she traveled to California with a senior Science student Tori Motz, where they collected wild lizards for her research.

In addition to her student-centered research, Dr. Vardo-Zalik is well liked due to her engaging teaching style. She has small stuffed animal parasites she uses to teach with and has been known to toss them around her classroom to make sure everyone stays awake. She also connects with students outside of the classroom by serving as adviser to our Biology Club.

Thank you Penn State York!

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