Application status in MyPennState – 2013-14 Update

You did it. You applied to Penn State and sent all of your materials to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Congrats on completing the application and thanks for applying! So, what happens next, you might be wondering …

Well, if you read Day’s post, you know a lot goes into getting the files together in order for us to review applications and make decisions. But the good news is that you can monitor the status of your application through MyPennState, from the day you submit the application to the day you receive a decision (and beyond!).

To help you understand the common status messages that you might see, I wrote this post last year, and it still applies for applicants that have applied to Penn State this year. But, to further help this year’s applicants, I wanted to add a few additional notes.

1. You should continue to check your MyPennState profile for status updates until the messaging reads: “Your application is complete and all of your required materials are here.” Why? Because even though Penn State has received all of your application materials, as we review them, we might discover that we need additional items from you. If you do not check your application status periodically after submission, then your application may be incomplete and you would not know it!

2. Make sure you check the messaging under the “Application Status” section rather than clicking the “Application Summary/Review” button. The information in the status area is where we communicate any details regarding your application, while the summary button shows you the application that you submitted to Penn State (including information about submitting your additional application pieces, a message that may no longer be relevant).

3. One more note on the “Application Summary/Review” button – this is a summary of the application that you submitted to us. If you contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office to make changes to your application, those changes are not reflected in the application summary or any other area of MyPennState. But trust us – we keep detailed notes on applications and make any requested changes, if possible. While you cannot see the change in MyPennState, we have taken care of it for you; and if we cannot make the requested change, we will contact you to let you know your options.

I hope this post and my previous status message post help you to understand the current state of your application. And although students who have submitted applications recently may not see a change in their status message yet, rest assured that we are busy processing transcripts, test scores, and applications in order to update your status as quickly as possible. And remember: students applying to University Park who sent in all of their application materials by November 30 will likely hear their admissions decision in January. (With the exception of a few programs, domestic students will receive a decision no later than January 31 – international students have until February 1 to apply and typically are notified of a decision in April.)

Have more questions? Just contact us!

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