Class of 2018 New Student Orientation

We’re excited! Why? Because New Student Orientation (NSO) for #psu2018 began this week.

Though it is summer time at our campuses and most of our students are off, we love the energy and liveliness our new students bring during this otherwise quiet time.

If you haven’t gone through your orientation yet, we want to give you a bit of information about what to expect. New Student Orientation runs all summer from May through July.

  1. When you accept your offer of admission, the NSO coordinators will send you a postcard with further instructions.
  2. In general terms, the instructions on the postcard are to complete your Educational Planning Survey and ALEKS Math Assessment. Though it might seem scary to take a test before you even begin college, please know that your results will have no impact on your academic record as a student. Instead, we use the results of the math assessment to help you schedule the best courses for your first semester. It is very important that you complete these two things before you come so you can truly benefit from speaking to your adviser while at NSO.
  3. Next, you receive another postcard (have you ever gotten so much mail before!?). If you are a University Park student, your postcard will indicate your assigned NSO date. If you are starting at another campus, your postcard will have instructions on how to register for NSO at your campus. Note that the registration process may vary slightly from campus to campus.

Okay! You’ve completed 1, 2 & 3 above, now what? Well, now you come to campus!

New Student Orientation is a two-day experience at University Park, and one day at the other locations. Since the program can be different at each campus, I won’t go into too much detail, but the general things you can expect are:

  • Meeting a lot of really cool people and starting to build your network of friends at Penn State
  • Talking to an academic adviser about your career plans
  • Taking care of basic things like getting your ID card and learning where to ask for what
  • Getting a glimpse of what your life will be like
  • Learning about Penn State and your campus
  • Reading this year’s Penn State Reads book under your new favorite tree

If you do want more details, you can visit the New Student Orientation website and select your campus. For now, we’ll leave you with some pictures of your fellow #psu2018 classmates enjoying NSO at University Park!

If you have questions at any point, this is the place to go.

If you have questions at any point, this is the place to go.

Taking care of important student business is the first step.

Taking care of important student business is the first step.

Welcoming Students

Friendly faces are the first thing you see at Penn State!

Welcome Session

New students buzzing with energy at the Welcome Session held at Alumni Hall.

NSO Resource Fair

Students and parents finding out more about key programs at the resource fair.



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