What does my admissions decision mean?

The wait is over for many applicants as we send out decisions this week to students whose applications were complete by November 30. We dug back into the archives for this post on what your decision means:

Many of you have already seen you admissions decision in MyPennState; and for those still waiting, decisions are rolling out every day. To help you understand what some of the admissions decisions mean, here are the most common questions we receive from students about them:

I applied for fall at University Park, but I was offered admission for summer – what does this mean?
Penn State does not automatically review all applications for summer admission. When completing the online application, you can indicate if you would like to be reviewed for the summer session, in the event we are unable to offer you admission for the fall semester. If you indicate your interest in summer, we will address that, if necessary, during the review process.

So, if you apply for fall at University Park, we review your application for the fall semester first. If we are unable to offer admission for the fall, we then review the application for summer, which is slightly less competitive than the fall semester and gives students another chance to start at the University Park campus.

If you are accepted for summer, it is mandatory that you come to the University Park campus and take classes during summer session. You live on campus for the six-week semester and take two actual Penn State courses – they are not orientation courses or nonessential courses, but rather courses for your general education requirements or your intended degree. You then have a two-week break, after which you return to University Park and jump right into the fall semester (with 6-7 credits and a great familiarity with campus already!). Students starting in the summer may wish to consider taking part in LEAP, a summer experience specifically designed for new first-year students.

I received an offer of admission to my alternate campus – what does this mean?
When completing the application, we ask students to provide us with an alternate starting campus, so if we are unable to offer them admission to their first-choice campus, we can review their application for their alternate choice.

If you provided an alternate choice campus and were offered admission to that campus, it means that we were unable to offer you admission to your primary campus of interest, but that you can start your Penn State education at your alternate campus. Students can begin almost all of our 160+ programs at any Penn State campus, spending the first two years at that campus and then transitioning to another campus, typically University Park, to complete their degree. Over half of our students take advantage of this path, which we call the 2+2 plan, to earn their Penn State degree. Check the blog later this week for a post on the 2+2 plan.

My decision says that I am unable to have the campus I requested, but that you can consider me for admission to other Penn State campuses. What does that mean?
This decision means that we feel you can be successful at Penn State, but we don’t have enough information to continue reviewing your application for admission.

If you did not provide us with an alternate campus choice when completing the application, this is how we reach out to you for more options. This message means that we have reviewed your application and could not offer you admission for your primary campus choice, and without an alternate campus to consider, we could not take any further action with your application.

If you see this message and still want to be considered for Penn State, please call us at 814-865-5471 to discuss your options.

We hope this helps answer a few of your common questions regarding our decisions. But, if you need further information about your decision, please contact us. And if you are a student accepted to any of our 20 campuses, be sure to login to MyPennState to learn about your program, campus, and the Accepted Student Programs available to you!

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2 Responses to What does my admissions decision mean?

  1. Jenna Spinelle says:

    Hi Tia, sorry it’s taken us a little while to get back to you! Students are typically in class Monday-Friday for 3-4 hours per day during the summer session. Look for a full blog post about summer and the LEAP program coming soon!

  2. Tia Augello says:

    My daughter was accepted into the summer program for University Park. My question is how many days are there classes during the week? How many classes is she required to take? Can she sill come home on weekends if she chose to do so?

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