LEAP: Summer start at University Park

Registration for the LEAP program at University Park is just a week away. Our colleague Day wrote a great post on LEAP last year that we wanted to share with the Class of 2019 – Jenna, Undergraduate Admissions

Ahh, summer. It’s hard to remember what the sun feels like on our skin and the trees look like with leaves with views like this one all over campus.

As beautiful as our campus is in the winter, we are ready for summer to begin! And we’re not just excited about the warmer weather, we’re thrilled that we get to welcome the first students of our 2019 class.

If you have been offered admission to the summer semester at University Park, you have the exciting opportunity to take part in the LEAP program. LEAP is available only to first-year students at University Park, as a chance to begin their Penn State journey as part of a community. If you choose to participate in LEAP, this is what you can expect:

  • Small classes of up to 25 students
  • Two integrated courses for you to maximize your learning experience
  • Upper class student mentor to guide you from how to best take college-level notes to finding the best grocery store downtown
  • Training sessions for all available resources at Penn State (library, computers, etc.)
  • Fun living quarters – you’ll be in the same residence area as all other LEAP students, so be ready to make friends fast!

Sophomore Michelle Couture hosts a start up meeting for LEAP students outside Pollock Commons.

In addition to those benefits, you will also have the opportunity to become used to college life and get familiar with campus before the rest of the students arrive in the fall. This year, LEAP will begin on July 1, with a move-in date of June 28.

If you are interested in LEAP and want to find out how to proceed, check out their website: LEAP @ UP.

Registration for LEAP opens on Tuesday, February 17 at 5:00 p.m.

If you have an offer of admission to summer 2015 and no LEAP prides are available or if you choose not to participate in the LEAP program, you can register for regular summer session courses upon meeting with your academic adviser during New Student Orientation (NSO).

If you have an offer of admission to Fall 2014 and want to participate in LEAP, you can call the Undergraduate Admissions Office at 814-865-5471 or email admissions@psu.edu to change your starting semester to summer.


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