Who are we?

WE ARE for Science!

We are members from across the Penn State and Centre County communities that advocate for change, action, and inclusion within science.

Together, we formed a coalition of allied organizations thatĀ support the accurate representation of science in policy, education and society, while promoting the success of a diverse generation of scientists.

We are comprised of three primary working groups that focus on:

  • Security, safety and promoting inclusion of a diverse community
  • Science communication to the general public (K-12 and the voting public)
  • Science advocacy and policy

Why Penn State?

  • We are a top research university with departments that may be most impacted by the current and future political climate.
  • We have multiple departments and organizations qualified to tackle these issues.
  • We live in a politically important state with strong energy connections and both rural and urban communities.
  • We are uniquely poised to change the standard practices for educating scientists so that they are able to better interact with the public, communicate their science, and advocate for science-based policy.