Climate Change Action – Sept. 20

Hello all,

Please join us THIS Friday for the following event! Link to Facebook event:

Climate Change Action

Climate Change is the big challenge of our time. In the US the topic has become strangely politicized, and we have to thank the younger generation to remind everyone that the planets future is nonpartisan.

We are going to meet at the Allen Street Gates on September 20th, starting at 2 pm for a get together. Scientists and passersby, lets engage in discussions about global and local data, answer questions about scientific facts, and think about solutions.

Please spread the word and join us on the 20th at 2 pm to show your support for Climate Change Action.

Some questions that might come up:
* What is the difference between weather and climate?
*When were the 10 hottest years?
*CO2 concentrations have always fluctuated, what is so different in the recent ones?
*Are there effects visible in Pennsylvania?
Can you think of other things?