Our projects and initiatives

This list showcases the main initiatives of our three working groups. If any of these projects interest you or your organization, please contact us to partner up on a future event! 

Diversity and Inclusion:

  • Mixers for Diverse/Minority graduate students, faculty and staff
  • Faces of Science: Campaign aiming to highlight the diversity of scientists
  • Diversity in STEM Panel Discussions
    • Past Speakers: Reginald Hamilton, Jose Fuentes, Miriam Freedman
  • Instagram Campaign (similar to Faces of Science)

Communication and Outreach:

  • K-12 outreach opportunities in local schools in collaboration with Discovery Space, AWG and AAUW
  • Creation of website with helpful STEM activities/resources to be used by graduate students across all disciplines at outreach events
  • ‘Ask a Scientist’ booth at community events to promote communication and facilitate discussions between scientists and the general public.

Science Policy:

  • Phone Banking Events to call local/state representatives – pamphlets with relevant information are offered to volunteers
  • Big Ten Collaboration – bringing WAFS to Big10 STEM departments
  • Engaging with Policy Makers and the Public Forum
    • Past Speakers: Richard Alley