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The Future is Bright

This being my last post on this blog potentially for a while I thought we would talk about the future of this team and of the league in the upcoming season. So who are the Eagle’s and what should we… Continue Reading →

Kelly Green

“A list of new proposals will be voted on by NFL owners at the league’s annual spring meetings next week. The Philadelphia Eagles have submitted four new rule proposals and one new resolution proposal. For now, let’s just focus on that resolution… Continue Reading →

Busy Birds

It’s become quite clear that providing quarterback  Carson Wentz our savior with weapons has been the Eagles top priority this off-season. All of the Eagles’ top free agent pick ups happen to play on the offensive side of the ball and… Continue Reading →

No One Does It Better Than Philly

Alright this blog here is for all the Philly haters out there that think they are so high and mighty. I know Philly is known as ruthless, “trashy”, sports town, where the fans are rowdy and always drunk. Well you’re… Continue Reading →


  Honestly the title of this post tells it all. The Super Bowl was the best ever in history with records being broken all over the place. If you didn’t see it i am truly sorry for you because you… Continue Reading →

Toilet bowl to Super Bowl

Alrighty, changes paces from last week instead of a recap of the games I want to talk about my burning hatred of the pro bowl and of course a little on the super bowl and my predictions. For those who… Continue Reading →

Dallas’ Devastated Divisional

  Alrighty, for all you people who stop watching football after your team is knocked out I am here to give you an update of the whole divisional round. But, before I get into to that I just want to… Continue Reading →

Blue Birds

That’s right another lost was added to the Eagles record and lets just say it wasn’t fun to watch. I don’t even know what to say besides you can win the game if you don’t catch the ball. That is… Continue Reading →

Divisional Blues

If I was to describe last weeks game in one word it would be, Ouch. It already sucks when we lose to the Dallas Cowboys, but when we lose to them in OT in a game we should’ve won that’s… Continue Reading →

Bradford Who?

Wow! What a week to be Eagles fans, not only did we win we beat the best team in the NFL, we made them look sad. The Eagles defense destroyed their old teammate Sam Bradford in his first return back… Continue Reading →

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