Approved Pianists/Organists

This list includes individuals who have been approved to play the organ in the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center-Eisenhower Chapel as well as approved pianists. Fees may vary and are the responsibility of the group requesting the organist/pianist.

Organists Description Contact Info
Mary Bahnfleth Senior Organist – St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, State College. Adjunct Organ Instructor, Penn State School of Music 814-237-6625
William Bahnfleth Substitute Organist, Professor of Architectural Engineering, Penn State 814-237-6625
Paula Bassett Organist & Pianist – Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church State College 814-234-3309
Gwen D. Catchen Organist – St. Andrews Episcopal Church, State College 814-861-3438
Debra Cree Organist – St. John’s Episcopal, Bellefonte, PA 814-355/3981
Freda Crummey Organist – Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church, State College 814-466-6300
H. Ryan Ditmer Substitute Organist (United Church of Christ, Lutheran, and other Protestant churches) 814-883-8351
Kristy Drake Experienced vocal, piano, and viola soloist, and piano accompanist. Willing to work with you to help make your day special. 585-402-0517
Mona Hill Organist – St. John United Church of Christ, Boalsburg 814-466-6626
Julia M. Kiefer Organist – Faith United Church of Christ, State College 814-234-1555
Anthony Leach Associate Professor of Music, Penn State (Director of Essence of Joy and University Choir) 814-867-2526
Cynthia Mills Organist – Park Forest United Methodist Church, State College 814-235-1685
Nicolas Miskovsky Substitute organist (particularly for Catholic weddings) Professor of Physics, Altoona Campus, Penn State 814-880-5263
Kay Putnam Director of Music – St. John Episcopal Church, Bellefonte 814-355-4020
Phil Torbet Director of Music – Penn State Catholic Campus Ministry, Adjunct Penn State School of Music 814-883-5909

Ned Weatherald Organist, Director of Music – State College Presbyterian Church 814-353-8990