TDS210 Screen fix

Finally, in 2015, I bought my first oscilloscope. However, the one I bought is a broken one:

Apparently it is working, exception there are some issues with LCD’s polarizer.

After taking it apart… The screen is just… disgusting I would say

I tried to replace it with another screen I have lying around. But… I didn’t know it was broken either

Just for fun, I installed the UG32F01 featured in For sure, it worked, but hard to see:

And finally I chose a more recent 5.7″ 320×240 screen. Nothing fancy, but works great.

4 thoughts on “TDS210 Screen fix

  1. Atish kulkarni

    Thumps up for what you did….

    I am facing same issue with my TDS 210….can you provide that part number which you used.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Wenting

      The part number for the screen was M320240-19. I have to mention it was not a direct replacement. You should be able to install any 5.7″ 320×240 no-controller (by looking at the pinout, if you see a 4bit bus instead an 8-bit bus, it is likely be to a no-controller one) screen on to the TDS210 with some manual wiring.

  2. George

    Hi Wenting,
    thanks for putting this instruction together, it helped me a lot. I ended up replacing just the polarisers. It was an easy fix and I have documented the procedure at
    I failed to take a photo that shows the state my display was in before and used yours in the hope that you wouldn’t mind. Let me know if there is a problem and I remove it from my blog.

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