2016 12th Grade Coming of age Ceremony

This should have been something which 11th grade student prepare for the 12th grade ones. But probably I just have too much free time, so, here is it.

Every year, there is a video of teachers’ blessing to the students. Last year I edited that video. This year, it is me again…

Our English teacher decided to present the whole blessing in English. In case these students cannot understand, I decided to make a subtitle for it… Actually I just want to make some fun.

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NDSL quick fix

One of my classmates gives me an NDSL which doesn’t turn on. After received that, I tested and found that it do powers on, but it will shut itself off after blinking the upper screen. Normally two screens should come up together. So there is a chance that there is something wrong with the backlight of bottom screen, the NDSL cannot sense the current so it shuts it self off.

There are two possibilities, one is that the screen itself is broken. The other is that the driving circuit is faulty.
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