nPAL – The Legend of Sword and Fairy for Nspire ver. 1.1

About the game

XianJian QiXia Zhuan 仙劍奇俠傳 (also known as The Legend of Sword and Fairy and “PAL”) is an action RPG created by Taiwan’s Softstar Entertainment Inc. The game is considered by many as simply one of the best Chinese RPG ever created. Since its first release in 1995 (DOS Version), many new versions and sequels (including a prequel) were created. However, none could replace the breath-taking and tragic tale it was born from. Here, we meet our protagonist Li Xiaoyao; an aspiring martial artist and the lovely Zhao Ling’er, a charismatic Nuwa descendant.​



  1. Install ndless (V3.1 r914 or higher)
  2. Copy the nPal folder to “Documents” in the nspire
  3. Run sdlpal.tns
  4. If it splashed black and exited, please try reboot your calculator.


  • Ctrl+Esc: Force Exit
  • 8\9\Touch Up Right: Up
  • 1\2\Touch Down Left: Down
  • 4\7\Touch Up Left: Left
  • 3\6\Touch Down Right: Right
  • Esc\Menu: Menu
  • Enter\Touch Center: Enter
  • TAB\R: Repeat
  • A: Auto
  • D: Defense (Also accessible from Menu)
  • E: Use Item (Also accessible from Menu)
  • W: Throw item (Also accessible from Menu)
  • Q: Run away (Also accessible from Menu)
  • S: Status (Also accessible from Menu)
  • F/5: Magic (Also accessible from Menu)
  • P: Screenshot


TI-nspire boot splash customization

4 months ago, critor released mySpire( which allowed modification of nspire CX/CM’s boot splash screen. Since the image itself is signed, there is no way to change the image except modify its position, size, etc.

However there is still a workaround. It’s possible to use third-party payload to display extra things on the screen. So here it is.

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nPAL – The Legend of Sword and Fairy for Nspire CX ALPHA

A great thanks to all ndless/nSDL developers! I got this in less than 5 hours thanks to these libraries available.

I deleted all the musics or voices (as there is no way to play them back). Now the main program is 384KB in size while the resources are 21.9MB total. Monochrome models will run the game, but that would take up all the available space. I am thinking about further compress it. Save/Load not working currently.

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