Never really growing up myself (and unsure if I ever plan to) probably plays into why I like working with kids so much. And working with the preschoolers at St. Paul’s has been the same. And different. Time and again, I see each and every kid be enormously individual. Each one has their own personality and thoughts and feelings. And it’s wonderful! The variability I experience every time I attend preschool does wonders for the soul. Let me explain: as a college student, each day has a routine: get up, brush my teeth, go to class, study, go to more class, mess around for an hour, study more, procrastinate, frantically try and catch up on work, fall asleep at two in the morning. This goes on and on and on. And it can be a real slog. Going to preschool is a great reminder that life, like the feeling of routine, is what I make of it. Working with these kids is inspirational.

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