Kiss Negativity Goodbye

Hey everyone! Ally here, ready and so excited to tell you all about my passion. I hope you’re ready to learn how to be a better version of you.


Society has been altering the ‘social norm’ of what you should do, what you should look like and how you should act – but is there really ever a limit to the possibilities?

I am a strong believer that you can do anything you put your mind to. For me personally, positive thinking, eating right, and physical activities ultimately lead to a more prosperous life. When I was growing up and going through middle and high school, all that was said in the halls was “I’m too fat” or “I feel so gross about myself” and I guarantee we have all at one point in time said those words yourself.

That’s what I am here for. I can be your personal life trainer, a helpful guide or just entertainment, it’s your decision. This blog will document my daily food (both healthy and not so healthy), workout routines, ways to keep active without the gym, and practices to increase good vibes.


I figured that it would be appropriate to assume everyone already has an opinion on this blog just from the introduction, so for this first post, I am going to write about a game changer, your attitude.


Your Attitude Could be Your Biggest Obstacle

Everything you do in life has an affect on you. It’s so much easier to accept defeat than try even harder than you think you could. You may want to work out but telling yourself that it’s too hard or you don’t have anytime for it makes you not do it! Or if you have a really hard class and an exam is coming up. You could go into that exam telling yourself that you’re going to do poorly and it wouldn’t have mattered whether you took that extra hour of free time to study. When you give up, your mind is all negative thoughts. Positivity can bring you a long way. You could move some things around to make time for the gym or remind yourself that “you got this exam, no worries.”


And trust me, I get it when you say there’s so much to stress about because honestly, what college student isn’t drowning in homework/studying right now? Looking at the good consequences of something you do can ease the toll life takes on you everyday. Don’t live in the future or the past, live in the moment. Be spontaneous and love what you do. No day is better than today. There’s always a way to alleviate the suffering you are feeling at any given moment, just don’t give up.

If you tend to slip into negativity about most things, I hope that I can help you alter your instinct thoughts. There’s proven ways to change the connections habitually made by the brain and form new pathways that I will be discussing in later blog posts.


Now if you believe you already look on the bright side of things, I dare you to challenge yourself using my blog. Take my advice and see how it personally affects you. Use what you know, and what I will give you to be the best person you could be.


One thought on “Kiss Negativity Goodbye

  1. Your blog sounds very motivational. I can clearly see that you feel very strongly about staying healthy and positive! I’m curious to see how you combine your daily workouts and diet with staying positive throughout the semester. Are you going to focus more on just one of these topics? Or continue to talk about both equally?

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