Helpful Hints to Working Out

Growing up, I always did sports so I didn’t need to “workout.” But once I hit high school, I started working out and really never gave it up since. I alway had a difficult time with getting myself to workout, but when I eventually did, I was so happy. This past year, I really started to enjoy going to the gym. The main reason was because I got to go with my best friend Lauren. She really knew what she was doing. Lauren always had a plan for the day and we helped push each other to our breaking points. I encourage you to at least try going to the gym, even it’s once a week. I promise, it’ll be worth it.

Fun Fact: Working out is a huge stress reliever.


Places to find workouts:

  • Instagram: any fitness instagram will most likely have a link to their workout challenge. My personal favorite is Tammy Hembrow and her 8 week leg challenge.
  • Pinterest is always a great way to quickly find workouts to do and you can refine it to the gym or at home.
    • Try making a workout board on pinterest for easy access and constant motivation
  • Consult a fitness trainer at the gym
  • Ask any coach or gym teacher available to you
  • Friends that are workout junkies could also help you to get a steady weekly routine
  • Apps for your phone – I recommend “Fitonomy”


Secrets to Staying Motivated:

  • Set realistic goals for yourself. Start with small ones and as you complete those,, set harder ones.
  • Establish a routine. Things become much easier when they are a habit.
  • Don’t make excuses! You have to make your health a priority.
  • Keep a journal of what you do each day at the gym or even at home


Workout Tips:

  • Don’t forget to eat clean.
  • Lift heavy, heavy enough that it is difficult to finish your last couple reps.
  • Always keep your core strong – it protects your back and also works your abs.
  • Make a connection between your mind and muscles. It is proven that you receive the most benefits when you focus on the muscle you are working out.


My Routine:


Day 1 – Back

  • Hyperextensions 3×12
  • Bent over dumbbell row 3×12
  • Pull ups 3×5
  • Wide Row 3×12
  • Floor back extension 3×12

Day 2 – Legs

  • Squats with dumbbells 3×12
  • Lunge step up 3×12 each leg
  • Jumping Lunge 3×10 each leg
  • Butt lift bridge 3×20
  • Fire Hydrants 3×15
  • Glute kickback 3×15


Day 3 – Core

  • Crunch 3×20
  • Sit up 3×20
  • Scissor kick 3×20
  • Alternate heel touchers 3×20 each side
  • Air bike 3×20
  • Jack knife sit up 3×15
  • Any TRX workout (ankles suspended)


Day 4 – Arms

  • Alternating dumbbell curl 3×12
  • Dumbbell Tricep extension (overhead) 3×12
  • Tricep Dumbbell kickback 3×12
  • Push ups 3×10
  • Dips 3×12


With a little alteration to each workout, you can turn it into a partner workout which is much more fun! I hope this blog post has helped you gain inspiration and knowledge about how and where to stay fit. College is a fun time but don’t let the stereotype of the “freshman 15” be true for you 🙂 Stay on top of work as well as personal health!

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