Bringing Some Fun Into Things

When life gets crazy hectic, which is about everyday in college, health is one of the first things to suffer. It is so easy to procrastinate being active but eventually “tomorrow” has to become today! Procrastination often leads to weight gain, stress, 

and a feeling of no control. Let’s face it, not everyone has the money for a gym membership or the time of day to make it there. It’s hard to find the motivation to get out of the house and drive the whole way to the gym.




If you’re one of these non-gym-goers, here are some alternatives for staying active.


  • Hiking
  • Biking
    • This is easy to accomplish on campus. Biking to your first class instead of using public transport can jumpstart your metabolism
  • Kayaking
  • WalkingStudies have shown that sitting for long periods of time is detrimental to one’s health and well being. Even getting up and taking a few steps is better than none
  • Swimming
  • Any sport
    • My floor has recently joined flag football league and participate in games every Thursday night
  • Hit the mall
    • We have all seen the ‘mall walkers’ but why not be one too?
  • Yoga
  • Skiing or Snowboarding
  • Take the Stairs!!
    • Avoid that elevator, go tone and burn calories simultaneously
  • Dance it out

Places to do these things at Penn State

  • Mount Nittany
  • Walks to class
  • White building public swimming pool
  • Intramural building
    • rock climbing, yoga, racquetball
  • Tennis courts on campus
  • Soccer fields
  • Bellefonte Central Rail Trail
  • Nittany Mall – Bus M
  • Tussey Mountain Ski and Recreation
    • Try joining ski or snowboard club – they always go out for trips and even far away trips for a long weekend               This is Mount Nittany. My family, roommate and I hiked it over Labor Day weekend.
  • Arboretum
    • Beautiful scenery
  • Parties
    • This may seem like a weird idea but going out to parties and dancing all night long is an extremely intense workout for your body
  • Intramural Fitness ProgramsThe IM holds fun fitness activities everyday! They range from yoga to kickboxing aerobics. It is a great time to meet new people and try different things

If you are like me and enjoy company on your adventures, ask some friends to join. You’ll be making memories while keeping active. Workout buddies are a great motivation and encouragement. I find that when I am enjoying myself, I don’t even think about the physical aspect of work outs. Having fun makes for no stress in setting aside time for the gym.


Not making the gym a routine thing isn’t a negative thing. There is so much other things for you to get out and do. Every single movement you make is somehow beneficial to your well being. Sitting affects health and can even lead to diseases of the heart, colon, joints etc. I promise, your body, heart and mind will forever thank you for being a proactive person. Never say there isn’t something you could be doing instead of watching that netflix show or laying in bed on your phone. The outdoors has so much to explore and the only way you get to see that is by getting up and accomplishing something from the above lists.


I challenge you to enjoy your workouts and love the benefits. Set aside the stress college life brings you and do something valuable for yourself.


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