How To Be The Best You

Lately it seems like I have been preaching about losing weight and how to do it but that’s not what I want you to get out of this. I want you to see that attitude towards the world and yourself is what truly matters. There is no more important opinion than your own. There is no need to look how society labels a “pretty woman.” If you feel comfortable in your skin and your mindset, then that’s all I could hope for all of you.

Touching back on how society impacts our views, it’s wrong to think you’re not good enough because of what someone else says. It has become such a problem with girls self esteem and that is exactly what motivated me to make this blog. Life isn’t about conforming to society’s wants but instead your own personal goals. There is so much potential in each and every one of your lives as long as you use it to your benefit.

If you’re facing any trouble with finding a new mindset or a better lifestyle, don’t get frustrated. These things take much time, effort and dedication. Don’t give up, push through and the outcome will be that much better when you finally reach your goals. When you do reach them, make new ones. Keep urging yourself to get better. Try setting goals in different aspects of your life. So if you originally wanted to change your attitude, now try expanding on your respect or care for others. Even honesty, love, kindness. Really anything to achieve your ultimate happiness.

If there is any past hardships you have been through, learn from them and move on. There is no room in life to dwell on negative past experiences. Take them and use them to your advantage. Everything is either a blessing or a lesson, these are the lessons in life. You have to learn to be strong enough to do this. Know how to pull yourself together in the toughest of times and get right back up anytime something knocks you over. Mental strength is one of the most attractive qualities people can possess.

You have to take your experiences and learn how to be happy. Happiness is not found in material things like most of us like to think at this age. It is a state of mind, somewhere that you can choose despite all the difficulties you face. It is counting blessings instead of counting the times of suffering. You must learn how to be happy on your own before you can share those good vibes with others.

So if you’re stuck in a bad mindset right now this is what I want you to say to yourself…

Many times I find myself frustrated so I learned way to help with that. Something I love to do that makes me feel good about myself is giving away one of my hobbies – photography. I absolutely love capturing moments in nature and sharing it. I love blue oceans, cool trees and landscape views. Try something like this, something that will bring you a sense of satisfaction and contentment.

Here are some cool ideas to try out:


  • Baking

  • Sharing your knowledge
  • Giving back to the community
  • Crafts
  • Gardening
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Collecting things
  • Adventuring

Another awesome way to deal with frustration is writing or keeping a journal. I just started doing this this past summer. I made it part of my routine so I never forgot to do it. Right before bed every night I would pull out my notebook and write my feelings out. It helped so much to get everything bottled inside, out onto paper. I found myself dealing with things a lot better and also learning a lot from what I had been through. Journaling can help figure out who you are and who you want to be. It is a way to express yourself so you have the capacity to reach your goals. You don’t even have to share it with anyone; just having it for yourself is a huge benefit. 

Honestly, anything that makes you happy and boosts your attitude on life is something that is worth time investing in. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Have an open mind in life and take every opportunity to strengthen yourself. Remember always be yourself, but be your best self.


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