Dr. Peter Linehan

Welcome to my blog at Penn State. In it I will discuss elements of my courses in the Forest Technology program at Mont Alto:

Fall Courses

  • Aerial Photo Interpretation (FORT 230)
  • Mapping Our Changing World (GEOG 160)
  • Introduction to GIS (GEOG 161)

Spring Courses

  • Forest Surveying (FORT 140)
  • Forest Management Practices (FORT 250)
  • Geographic Information Systems for Natural Resources Management (FORT 260)
I also will talk about things that interest me in forestry and natural resources in general. Also, I just might discuss anything else I find interesting.
The image above was taken at the golf course in the Michaux State Forest that is near the South Mountain Restoration center. I was visiting there with my Aerial Photo Interpretation class in the fall of 2013.

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