Video Tips

For the most part yesterday’s video filming lab with the Flip video cameras went well. There are, however, some things that could be improved for future efforts.

Filming Tips

  • Yesterday was an overcast day. It would have been better to have full or nearly full sunlight.
  • When speaking make sure to face the camera, where the microphone is located. Also, speak clearly and distinctly.
  • Zoom in to the person speaking, if possible. It’s better to fill the screen.
  • Shoot some atmospheric clips that can be spliced in to the final video.
  • When shooting think in terms of the video frame. How will your images appear on the screen?

In the Computer Lab

  • The Flip video software is already loaded in the computer labs. By default it saves the videos in a folder in the my documents folder. Unfortunately, since this is on the network video editing will be terribly slow! In the preferences section the default folder can be set to another drive. If it is set to the T drive on the local computer hard drive editing will be quicker. But, the files will have to be transferred someplace else before logging off the system.
    Another solution would be to put the videos on your own computer to avoid the network problem.
  • The computer lab machines do not have speakers, so it’s important to bring a set of ear buds or headphones. The level of sound in a video is critically imporant. Also, if you want to add music you have to make sure it doesn’t overpower the dialog.
  • Use the clipper tool to remove unwanted sections of video.
  • Make a movie by combining the video sections.
  • If music is included make sure that it doesn’t overpower the dialog. Make sure to click the desired button.

Uploading Movies

  • Choose your favorite service to house your video. Youtube, Facebook, and Flickr all provide free hosting.
  • If you use Facebook make sure your privace settings will allow showing the video to a anyone.
  • When you grab the embedding code make sure that you get the whole thing or your videos will not show where you put it.
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