Report on The Woods in Your Backyard

For Forest Management Practices, I am asking students to read The Woods in Your Backyard and write their impressions on its content and how it presents the information. Following are the questions that they will be using.

The Woods in Your Backyard: Learning to Create

  • Who is the intended audience for the book? Use quotes from the book.
  • The book is designed to use non-technical language to explain technical concepts. Find two examples of this. Copy the quote. (Please show the page number.) What are the technical terms for the concept? Explain.
  • How does the book use photographs to illustrate the points? Take two of the photos. Describe them. What elements do they use to involve the readers.
  • The book works to involve the whole family. Give two specific examples where the book encourages the participation of children.
  • The guide uses fill-in tables in workbooks to help landowners decide what to do. Choose one of the tables. Describe what it does? How is it designed to educate and assist landowners?

Workbooks Activities:

  • Activity 1 Map it Out. Derek
  • Activity 2 What have you got and what do you want? Justin
  • Activity 3 Family goals assessment. Kelly
  • Activity 4 Identify your interests in the land Mitch.
  • Activity 5 Investigate the legal constraints on your land. Lucas
  • Activity 6 Beyond your boundaries. Zach
  • Activity 7 Designate land management units. Nate
  • Activity 8-9 Get to know your trees, Identify successional stages. Seth
  • Activity 10 Assess competition among trees. Cody
  • Activity 11, 12, 13
  • Activity 14, 15
  • Activity 16, 17
  • Activity 18 Identify and rand your objectives. Mike
  • Activity 19 Project schedule and details. Tyler
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