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Fighting Wildfires with Inmates

This New York Times article explores a trend in some States for using inmates to fight wildfires. ¬†They cost less than free firefighters. In some states they earn $1 per hour, much less in some. They are happy to be … Continue reading

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Use GIS to study cover type changes

The Penn Pilot web site provides historical aerial photos for most of Pennsylvania. You can either view the photos on the site or download them to use with other applications. Recently, in GIS class we used ArcGIS 9.2 to position… Continue reading

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New Jungles Prompt Debate on Rain Forests

This article in yesterday’s New York Times highlights debate over the importance of regenerated or new forests in tropical rainforest conservation. The article concentrates on a farm in Panama that has since regrown into what appears to be a tropical… Continue reading

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Free Source of Forestry Photos

Forest technology students often need images for reports, presentations, and web pages. Sometimes it’s hard to find a picture that you can legally use due to copyright issues. One great source of images is Forestry Images. It seems to be… Continue reading

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Eucalyptus Genome

Look here for a major announcement from CSIRO (Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organization), the Australian research organization about an international effort to sequence the eucalyptus genome. Eucalyptus is prized for its high quality fiber for paper production, fast growth,… Continue reading

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