Is Your Love also Your Passion?

At this point in the book, Addario was conflicted with who she loved and what she loved to do. She was seeing her passion and love life as an intertwined mix and didn’t know how to choose between the two. I think her Nana noticed this confusion and her advice was her own story about a chance that she failed to take.

Her Nana’s story was of Sal. Addario’s Nana was crazy for him, and had never felt affection towards anyone else like she did him. Sal was broke and had no promising future which lead Nana to go her own way. After they both pursued their own lives, they got to catch up and the intensity of their connection also rekindled.

Addario saw that her Nana was reminiscing in how great her life could have been. She ends it with, “And I never wanted to regret the kisses I missed.” I think that Addario is referring to kisses as opportunities not legit kisses. Her passion is photography and bringing a social change but she was starting to allow a man to stand in the way of that. The story of her Nana put her own life into perspective and she was able to fully accept the life of a photographer. Unlike her Nana, she didn’t have regrets about following her passion.

Much like the author, I had support and encouragement in my passion as well. Growing up, my best friend was Lauren. She started to get into a routine of working out and learning how to make home cooked meals. She really pushed me to do it with her. Every time I was close to quitting the workout or eating something bad for me, she would encourage me to keep going or suggest an alternative snack. Lauren was really the whole reason I got in touch the positive side of life. 

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  1. Hi Ally!
    I really liked your interpretation of the story in Addario’s memoir. I agree with the point where you said that her grandmother meant that the kisses were opportunities, as opposed to actual kisses. Your transition into what your passion is was very smooth and concise. I can’t wait to here more!

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