RCL 6: Personal Conflicts

In Part III of It’s What I Do, Addario was very open with her internal conflicts with her life and her work. On page 146, the passage that stuck out to me most was, “Over the years I forced myself to be creative…..I wanted them to linger, to ask questions.” She was really starting to question her work and why she does it. She wrote, “ I was conflicted about making money from images of people who were so desperate (Addario 146).” She felt guilty for making money from others disadvantaged lives.


After much thought, she concluded that the struggle with photographing such difficult things was actually helping those people. She knew that the money she was making doing it would go right back into her work, into helping bring attention to the misfortune of others. She captured her readers attention by directly saying, “Trying to convey beauty in war was a technique to try and prevent the reader from looking away.” She encourages people to ask any question they may have about her work or the living conditions that she photographs. Addario can take a bad situation and turn it into a vivid, emotional moment in history.


At the start of college, I was really struggling with how to be happy with so many new experiences happening all at once. I was able to take that stress, turn it around, and learn to love it up here! Any friend that is having a rough time adapting to college life I am able to help them through it.


Like Addario, I want to encourage my readers to take lousy times and turn them into something positive. I really want my audience to push themselves to do something good for themselves as well as others. I hope that my passion blog will be full of informative and motivational things.

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