RCL 7 Photography

Addario’s whole life work revolves around photographs. The pictures she chose to be in her book all play a part in portraying the reason she shares her life. Her photographs really play on readers emotions and allow them to physically see the reality that Addario writes about. By using imagery, her readers can more easily relate to Addario’s experiences.

My favorite photograph is on the sixth page between 210 and 211. The photo is a close up of an African American woman with a tears streaming down her cheeks. Her eyes are closed or looking down showing the high amounts of sorrow she is feeling. This photo really caught my attention because the background is faded out and her face is crystal clear. There are so many emotions encompassed within her one facial expression. I felt empathy towards the subject of this photo.

The second image that really caught my eye was the 14th page between 210 and 211. The Somali children are trying to feed a woman that is suffering from dehydration and hunger. This photo caught my eye because it gives a sense of community through hard times. In a sense, hope is shown through the children wanting to help. Optimistic feelings arose in me when I looked closer into this picture. The children are representing a new generation that are already striving for better times and conditions than what the woman has been through.

Like Addario, I hope to incorporate images into my blog for the use of attention grabbers, aesthetics, and to add to the content of my blog. The photos I chose will take a play on pathos. I want my blog to be interesting and a lot of times people are drawn to images instead of wordy paragraphs. Photos can tell a whole story without using a single word. As for the aesthetics, I find myself actually interested in things that present a nice visual. I like colors that go together and having an overall theme. I really think the photos I use will bring the whole blog post together.


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