RCL 9 TED Talk


  • Over our lifetimes, we have all contributed to the decline of the world as we know it through our decisions, actions, and lifestyles we choose to lead.

Introduction: (how it relates to paradigm shift)

  • Everyone has their version of The American Dream or in other words their life goals. These goals that we set for ourselves are the driving force of what path we decide to take. But have we begun to put ourselves first too often and forget about more pressing issues?
  • Just in the past 40 years, the United States has seen a spike in working solely for self interest. Our Dream has changed from family interests and being a hard worker to money, status, and power. Some of you may not see a problem with this set of ideals but in reality, it has blinded the American population from problems that are not so distant in our future. As of today, the world is heading down a rocky path but we have the ability to fix that.


  • Government Corruption
    • The criminal justice system is full of corruption
      • Meat eaters, grass eaters




  • Climate Change
    • Recent hurricanes due to the countless amounts of toxins we pour into our atmosphere
    • Forgetful of how our actions are affecting our environment
    • Bliss – no hurricanes, no total destruction that we have no way of stopping
  • Politics
    • We have been taking the two parties and creating a nation divided amongst itself
    • Tension continues to increase because of the dirty politics
    • Not what it used to be when it was first created
  • Stereotyping/bias
    • It ultimately limits opportunities
    • You can be blinded by the potential there is in a situation due to how opinionated you are

How to Face Future Without Fear:

  • By taking our personal dream, altering it to fit society as a whole, we can ban together as one to conquer eventual problems. Taking hardships on with the assistance of others is the best way to achieve an outcome you’re content with.


  • In my Science and Art of Human Flourishing class, we conducted a poll of “How many people would choose happiness as their ultimate goal?”
    • We found that over half of the class of 60 people said yes
  • This Dream of fortune and fame is not one that will supply you a lifetime of happiness. It is a temporary fix to the suffering the world is facing.

Closing Statement:

  • Our future isn’t something already mapped out for us, there is no destiny or fate set in place. The future is ours, a readily available place that we have the power to build and shape through our actions. So always keep that in the back of your head so the next time you’re faced with a decision. Afterall, it’s what we do NOW that will affect us LATER.


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