This I Believe

I never liked change. Ever since I was a child, I liked things to remain the same so I could fall into a comfortable routine. I couldn’t even bare the thought of my parents changing the colors of the kitchen walls or a new couch in the living room; and because of this, my mom never insisted on implementing change into my life. Until now..

My parents got a divorce when I was in the 4th grade which ended in only my two sisters, my mom and I still living in the house. For 5 years, it was just us girls but through them, I could see my mom struggling with all aspects of life. Her mental health was at a rock bottom and eating became hard. Even through all that, she never let it stop her from being the best mom she could be.

One day, I was woken up around 8 am to sounds of a hammer smacking a wall. I walked outside of my room, looked over the upstairs balcony and found a strange man doing demolition in my family room. I was immediately infuriated and ran to yell at my mom for changing the house. After I calmed down, she told me that she had known him for a little and she is starting to like him. My first impression of him was not a good one so I didn’t support my mom’s feelings.

He was around quite often and they finally put a title to their relationship. For me, it was weird. I had just gotten used to living with only girls. Everything I just became accustomed to, had to be altered once again. After a year or two, he had asked her to marry him. She politely asked him to wait for an answer until she asked us girls if it was okay.  After all, he was coming into all of our lives not just hers.

My mom came into my room with a huge smile on her face and told me we need to talk. She told me what had happened with Buck, my stepdad and asked what my thoughts were on them tying the knot. At first, I was the stereotypical teenager that only wanted to do everything opposite than what she told me. My response was one she didn’t want to hear and my sisters did the same.

She was so upset because she had to decide between her children’s wants and her own. About three days went by and I had realized that I was being selfish. I talked to my sisters and we all decided that this was something that we all needed, especially my mom. I called and told her I wanted them to get married and that she truly deserves it. Those words brought her to tears because she no longer had to choose between us and him. We were all choosing him.  

I truly believe that putting others happiness in front of your own is such an important thing. Seeing the beauty of someone enjoying their life can ultimately improve your own life. Now, I have such a close relationship to my mom and step dad. I don’t know what I would do without him in my life. Seeing my mom today, I know that everything worked out for a great reason. After all was said and done, this change was a  blessing in disguise. This I believe.


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