Deliberation Nation

My teams deliberation title is “Let’s Talk About Sex (Ed) Baby.” Our deliberation is focusing on how sexual education during your school years is taught and then eventually applied to your life. Our three approaches include medical misconceptions, social stigmas surrounding sex, and how being unprepared can lead to people disrespecting you and what we can do to change these misconceptions. So many people are taught that sex is bad and it leads to pregnancy. Even popular movies display this. For example in Mean Girls when their sex ed teacher said, “You will get pregnant and you will die.” A lot of people actually believe that pregnancy is such a  horrible thing and that when it happens to someone, they immediately lose respect for them. Also, most people have no idea how to prevent things such as pregnancy and STDs. There are precautions that have gotten such a bad reputation because they “encourage sexual activity” but we want to expand on it not being an influencer, rather a safety precaution.

I am part of the summary and outreach team with Cam and Noelia. Our roles include reaching out and inviting organizations in the university as well as the community. We have to include social media events – twitter hashtags and a facebook event. We are currently working on a flyer to print and put around campus, mainly the hub. We have t make a post-deliberation survey as well as a report to send out to the community of what happened at the deliberation.

We have a list of people to invite including the school board, the health education teacher at the local school, UHS counseling services, “unite for her” organization, and the “planned parenthood” organization as well. All of these people have the interest of children and their well being. Some have the ability to change how children are being taught and others have the passion behind it to make people see that a change is needed. We hope to portray the importance behind sexual education and how people need to be educated in their life so they can make the right decisions.

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