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3 Tips for a Successful Career in 2016!

Is it Throwback Thursday yet? No, well…too bad. Here’s an oldie, but a goodie from the vault.

Hello, Hello! Welcome back, Penn State Fayette! The New Year has begun and I don’t know about you, but I am ready to make 2016 my most successful year yet! If Success is your goal too, then check out these three tips for success in 2016.

Personality Matters. We often talk about the importance of education and continued professional development in successfully landing and maintaining your “dream job.” What we don’t talk about is the impact your personality has on your success. Cultural fit has become a big consideration in the hiring process. Companies want to be sure the person they are hiring fits the environment, the role, and even into specific teams. Collaboration and teamwork are important components to the success of any company or corporation, hiring someone with a clashing personality can lead to toxic environments and low morale among employees. As you plan your goals for 2016, be mindful of your own personality traits and behaviors. What traits are likely to propel you forward? What traits might hold you back? Identify the areas in need of improvement and develop a plan for change and growth to carry you through the year.

 Accept Accountability. You are responsible for your success. Every goal you set, every decision you make, every action and every consequence is yours to bear. Let go of the blame game in 2016. Demonstrate honesty and integrity in the workplace or in class. Be honest with your employer or professor if the project you are working on isn’t going well or if you need clarification on directions. Admit your mistakes, correct the situation, and move forward with your held high. You can do it!

Build Relationships. Success is all about the relationships you form with your management team, boss, colleagues, and employees. Healthy work relationships make communication and collaboration possible. Take time in 2016 to invest in the relationships you maintain at work. Show your colleagues and fellow students a little extra kindness. Be genuine, be open, and be willing to build them up rather than tear them down. You lose nothing by being kind!

 Well, that’s all I have for you this time! May your path lead to success in 2016!