Agricultural Sciences


Animal Science

Clocks and Sleep Deprivation Biology Lab: Dr. Paul Bartell

Ecosystem Science and Management

Kaye Biogeochemistry Lab – Nutrient cycling and plant-microbe relationships in agroecosystems:  Dr. Jason Kaye

Nanotechnology for environment: Dr. Sridhar Komarneni


Novel pest control methods for mushroom phorid flies: Dr. Nina Jenkins

The Schilder Lab: Effects of host plant toxicity on butterfly flight: Dr. Ruud Schilder

Food Science

The Cockburn Lab – human gut microbiome research: Dr. Darrell Cockburn

Individual differences in food choices and eating behavior: Dr. John Hayes

Using genomics to characterize foodborne pathogen virulence and antimicrobial resistance:  Dr. Jasna Kovac

The Lambert Lab – Modulation of obesity, inflammation, and cancer by natural products: Dr. Joshua D. Lambert

Plant Science

The Corn Genetics Lab: Dr. Surinder Chopra

Vegetable Crop Science: Dr. Francesco Di Gioia