Eberly College of Science



Experimental Particle Astrophysics: Dr. Miguel Mostafa

Neutrino Particle Astrophysics: Dr. Stephanie Wissel

Astronomy and Astrophysics

Experimental Particle Astrophysics: Dr. Miguel Mostafa

Orbital Evolution of Planetary Systems: Dr. Rebekah Dawson

Planetary Habitable Zones: Dr. Suvrath Mahadevan

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Chromatin and Gene Regulation: Dr. Lu Bai

The Gu Lab – Regulation of cellulose synthesis: Dr. Ying Gu

Computational biology for understanding gene regulation: Dr. Shaun Mahony

Examining microbial diversity within an animal-microbe symbiosis: Dr. Tim Miyashiro

Stress responses and gene regulation: Dr. Joseph Reese

Subcellular Compartmentalization of Neurons: Dr. Melissa Rolls

Bacterial Oxygen Sensing and Atypical Cyclic Nucleotides: Dr. Emily Weinert


Molecular Controls of Mammalian Development: Dr. Aimin Liu

Yingwei Mao Neurobiology Lab Dr. Yingwei Mao

Biology/ BMB

Hippo Signaling in Development and Cancer: Dr. Zhi-Chun Lai


Trapping and Spectroscopic Investigation of Intermediates in Metalloenzymes: Dr. Alexey Silakov