Earth and Mineral Sciences



Geomorphology and Landscape Evolution:  Dr. Roman DiBiase

African Earth Sciences: Dr. Erin DiMaggio

Geochemistry and Volcanology Lab: Dr. Tanya Furman

Penn State Geodesy and Volcanology Lab: Dr. Peter LaFemina

Microbial Geobiology Lab: Dr. Chris House

Fiber-optic Seismology: Dr. Tieyuan Zhu

Materials Science & Engineering

Investigating Material Properties Produced Through Additive Manufacturing of Metals: Dr. Allison Beese

Constructing a solid interfacial energy database and machine learning: Dr. Long-Qing Chen

Hickey Research Group – Polymerization-Induced Nanostructural Transitions: Dr. Robert Hickey

Thermodynamics and Machine Learning: Dr. Zi-Kui Liu

Electroactive Polymers for Electrical Energy Storage Applications: Dr. Qing Wang


Land-atmosphere Interactions and carbon cycle science: Dr. Kenneth Davis

Micromet Lab: Dr. Jose D Fuentes