Dr. Qing Wang

Dr. Qing Wang


Department:  Materials Science and Engineering
College:  College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
Address:  N-322 MSC
Phone: 814-863-0042
E-mail: quw10@psu.edu
Website: https://www.matse.psu.edu/directory/qing-wang

Electroactive Polymers for Electrical Energy Storage Applications
Flexible electronics that can be bent, stretched and conformed to intricate surfaces is emerging as disruptive technology in numerous applications such as wearable electronics, implantable sensors and alternative energy devices. One of such indispensable elements in microelectronics is dielectric materials utilized in electronic insulation and packaging. Polymers are preferred dielectric materials owing to their ease of processing, tunable dielectric constants, low cost and excellent film-forming ability. The continuous evolution toward electronics with high power densities and integrated circuits with smaller feature sizes and faster speeds places high demands on a set of material properties, namely the electrical, thermal and mechanical properties, of polymer dielectrics.

This project will focus on the processing of electroactive polymer thin films with varied compositions for electrical energy storage applications. This project will provide the student with hands on experience in a variety of experimental techniques used to fabricate thin films and characterize microstructures and properties of materials, and it will expose the student to the exciting field of energy storage and functional polymers.

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