Biomedical Engineering

Musculoskeletal Regenerative Engineering: Justin Lee Brown

Multi-Scale Analysis of Drug Resistance: Justin Pritchard

Micro & Nano Integrated Biosystem (MINIBio) Laboratory: Siyang Zheng

Chemical Engineering

Optical Characterization of Conjugated Molecules and Advanced Processing for Conducting Polymers:  Enrique Gomez

Computational studies of catalysis: Michael Janik

Understanding the structure of cellulose:  Seong Kim

Molecular simulations of polymers and complex fluids:  Scott Milner

The Pester Research Group – Polymer Surface Science: Christian Pester

Diffusion and Reaction Engineering with Advanced Materials (DREAM Team):  Xueyi Zhang

Bioprocessing, Protein Purification, Membrane Systems: Andrew Zydney

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Reactive Transport:  Li Li

Electrical Engineering

Applied Optoelectronics & Photonics Lab: Noel Giebink

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Cumulative Trauma Disorders Research: Andris Freivalds

Larson Transportation Institute

Open Data for Sustainable Transportation: Elizabeth Traut