Biomedical Engineering

Musculoskeletal Regenerative Engineering: Dr. Justin Lee Brown

Chemical Engineering

Optical Characterization of Conjugated Molecules and Advanced Processing for Conducting Polymers: Dr. Enrique Gomez

Computational studies of catalysis: Dr. Michael Janik

Molecular simulations of polymers and complex fluids: Dr. Scott Milner

The Pester Research Group – Heterogeneous Photoredox Polymerization Catalysis: Dr. Christian Pester

Renewable Fuels from Waste Biomass: Dr. Phillip Savage

Materials Design for Enhanced Additive Manufacturing: Dr. Bryan Vogt

Diffusion and Reaction Engineering with Advanced Materials (DREAM Team): Dr. Xueyi Zhang

Bioprocessing, Protein Purification, Membrane Systems: Dr. Andrew Zydney

Electrical Engineering

Luminescent cooling: Dr. Chris Giebink

Neuromorphic Computing Lab: Dr. Abhronil Sengupta

Larson Transportation Institute

Open Data for Sustainable Transportation: Dr. Elizabeth Traut