Women in Engineering Design Competition

Sponsored by Norfolk Southern and Penn State Altoona

Hosted by Penn State Altoona Rail Transportation Engineering (RTE) Program

If you …

  • Are a first-year or sophomore woman studying at Penn State
  • Love hands-on activities and design work
  • Have an interest in engineering/railway/trains/STEM field
  • Are looking for ways to boost your resume
  • Are looking for opportunities of winning a scholarship
  • Are looking for mentorship from professors and professional role models
  • Love to make friends and have fun

You should …

Railway engineering is a multi-faceted engineering discipline dealing with the design, construction and operation of all types of rail transport systems. It encompasses a wide range of engineering disciplines, including civil engineering, environmental engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and production engineering. Today, railway systems engineering continues to be a vibrant field of engineering, accompanied with a lot of modern technology involvement, such as sensing technology, artificial intelligence, big data and data science, autonomous vehicle, etc. In addition, the railway workforce typically hires employees in many other fields such as business and finance.

As part of the transportation infrastructure, railroad engineering is facing a great need for a younger generation of engineers to build a large and diverse labor force. Junior engineers, men and women, who are seeking a career life full of fun, opportunity, challenge, and rewards, are in great need. Recent trends are showing more women are now entering the work force than ever before and gaining careers once only associated with men, like engineering fields. Women professional engineers have demonstrated great success in their respective fields with examples like Lisa Stabler, President of Transportation Technology Center Inc. (TTCI), and Paula Stiffler, Superintendent of Norfolk Southern. In this new environment, more opportunities exist for women than ever before.  Penn State Altoona’s Rail Transportation Engineering program is proud to have contributed to this trend.  Recent graduates include Shelby Stigers, now working for Siemens Rail Automation and Danielle Cyran, now a railroad track engineer at Norfolk Southern Corporation.

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