My Mermaid’s Mouth

The fired stoneware sculpture Tetrarc 5 by Antra Sinha, photographed by Joginder Singh.Antra Sinha (Photo by: Joginder Singh)

My Mermaid’s Mouth

—for Tetrarc 5, 2007 (18 inches ht. anagama fired stoneware) by Antra Sinha. Photo by: Joginder Singh. Image courtesy of the artist.

[ Intro Audio Transcript ]

6 Comments on “My Mermaid’s Mouth

  1. Interesting, intense and beautiful. Well written and well read.

  2. Love it!!!! Beautiful, interesting and complex. It was really cool how you have an introduction and connected the picture, the words to create the poem.

    • Glad you love it!!! And that you found interest in the creation process – thanks for sharing that!

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