What does art say when it speaks to you?

Welcome! Words of Art is an audio collection of ekphrastic poetry (poems that respond to artwork) that demonstrates how one may draw from their own imagination and experience to engage with the fine arts, no matter their background or expertise.

This project originated in 2015 with an invitation to read in The Art of Poetry series at one of my favorite spots, The Palmer Museum of Art at Penn State University (PSU). I decided to write poems from my personal perspective – one without a formal background in the visual arts – in response to artwork in the museum to share at the reading, and the concept for Words of Art was born.

These audio poems are personal conversations with works of art that I hope inspire others to explore their own interpretations, consider art forms in new ways, and visit museums, as well as foster appreciation for the fine arts.

Thanks for your interest in this project!
Nicole Miyashiro

Creator: Nicole Miyashiro
Curriculum Specialist: Erica King
English Department Liaison: Alison Jaenicke
Former Palmer Museum Liaison: Dana Kletcha
Former Multimedia Specialist: Cody Goddard

Highlighting artwork by: Alexander Archipenko, Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, Stacie Bird, Nicole Cooley, Maureen Cummins, Linda Hale, Robert Hale, James Nares, Stanley Person, Diane Samuels, Cindy Sherman, Do Ho Suh, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Antra Sinha, Aaron Siskind, and Jerome Witkin.

Special thanks to: Steven Herb, Karla M. Schmit, Caroline Wermuth, Ellysa Stern Cahoy, Clara Drummond, Suzanne Shamrock, Brandy Karl, James McCready, Chris Millet, Jo Megas, Kelsey Rieger, Candice Driver, Michael Grasso, Keri Mongelluzzo, Laura Beyerle, Tey In Tseng, Justin Kephart, the Eberly Family Special Collections Library at Penn State University, the Penn State University Libraries & Media Commons, and the Can Serrat International Art Residency.

Words of Art is supported by the PA Center for the Book, with contributions from the Palmer Museum of Art, PSU College of Arts & Architecture, and PSU Dept. of English; its content is for noncommercial, educational use only.

Logo concept: Nicole Miyashiro
Logo design: Wil Hutton