Mapping Network Drives


Users are able to map network drives that they have been granted access to, such as the Pictures drive, or departmental drives.  No administrative password is required to accomplish this.  From time to time a user may find that a networked drive no longer appears on their PC; use the steps below to reconnect it.

1.  Open the File Explorer (right-click on the Windows icon and choose “File Explorer” from the list).  At the top menu bar, click “Computer;” then click the icon for “Map network drive.”

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PowerPoint with recorded audio doesn’t save audio


ISSUE: a PowerPoint presentation with recorded audio does not save the audio when it is reopened anywhere.

RESOLUTION: PowerPoint presentations MUST be saved as .pptx files in order to save recorded audio.  PowerPoint will appear to be recording the audio, including placing the speaker icon on the slides, and will save the .ppt file.  However, when the .ppt file is reopened, the icon will remain with no audio included.  Only saving it as a .pptx file will retain the audio.

Windows prevents you from changing the case of a word in a filename


ISSUE: cannot rename a file (.doc, .pdf, etc) in Windows if the goal is to change the case of a word; prompt appears requesting permission

RESOLUTION: known issue in Windows Vista and newer, prevents changing ONLY the case of a word in a filename.  For example, cannot change Test.doc to test.doc.  As a workaround, you can rename the file to something completely different, and then back to the name your originally intended (ie: change test.doc to Dog.doc, and then to Test.doc).

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Latitude sleep & hibernation not working


ISSUE: laptop does not go to sleep when the lid is closed.  In the power menu, the options for Sleep and Hibernate are grayed out.

RESOLUTION: a corrupted video driver can prevent the computer from being able to sleep or hibernate.  Uninstall the current video driver, then download and install a fresh driver from the manufacturer’s website.