WiFi not working


ISSUE: wifi does not work on a device that was previously setup for it, or at the end of the setup process on a new device.


  • For a failed setup on a new device, re-enter the user’s access ID and password to ensure that they were typed properly.
  • Has the user recently changed their PSU account password, either due to a forgotten password or the yearly expiration?  If so, you will have to change the password stored in the device’s wifi settings to match the new password.
  • Has the user’s password expired?  If the user’s password has expired, they will not be able to login to ANY PSU service.  Have them try logging into a PC in the computer lab, or to their email in a web browser.  If they are able to, then the issue is with the device.  If they cannot login anywhere, the issue is with their account.


  • Blacklisting: any device with too many failed wifi login attempts will be blacklisted by the system.  This may happen if a user repeatedly tries to login, and fails, or if they enter a bad password, and the device automatically tries to login and fails.  The user will need to disconnect from the PSU network and wait 30 minutes for the blacklist to clear, and then try again using the correct login credentials.
  • iOS updates: iOS devices may lose their ability to connect to the PSU wifi after an OS/firmware update is installed.  In this case, you will need to clear the wifi profile and go through the wifi setup process again, after which the device should connect to the wifi as expected.