Mapping Network Drives


Users are able to map network drives that they have been granted access to, such as the Pictures drive, or departmental drives.  No administrative password is required to accomplish this.  From time to time a user may find that a networked drive no longer appears on their PC; use the steps below to reconnect it.

1.  Open the File Explorer (right-click on the Windows icon and choose “File Explorer” from the list).  At the top menu bar, click “Computer;” then click the icon for “Map network drive.”

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Data jacks vs. voice jacks


ISSUE: Most rooms are equipped with wall-mounted jacks for both data (network) and voice.  Which is which?

RESOLUTION: Data jacks are white; voice jacks are black.

NOTES: Both data and voice jacks should always be labeled with the port number they go to.

Cat5 Network Cable Wiring Diagram


ISSUE: what is the proper sequence for the colored wires in a PSU Cat5 network cable plug?

RESOLUTION: We use the T-568B standard for network cables.  As shown in the image above, hold the RJ-45 plug with the tab facing down, and arrange the wires:

orange/white – orange – green/white – blue – blue/white – green – brown/white – brown