PowerPoint with recorded audio doesn’t save audio


ISSUE: a PowerPoint presentation with recorded audio does not save the audio when it is reopened anywhere.

RESOLUTION: PowerPoint presentations MUST be saved as .pptx files in order to save recorded audio.  PowerPoint will appear to be recording the audio, including placing the speaker icon on the slides, and will save the .ppt file.  However, when the .ppt file is reopened, the icon will remain with no audio included.  Only saving it as a .pptx file will retain the audio.

Rossman AMP2x75 amplifier


ISSUE: frequent “clicking” sound heard over speakers

RESOLUTION: classrooms with this model amplifier may experience this clicking, which is an input-sensing relay within the unit opening and closing.  To resolve, change the “ON/AUTO” switch on the rear control panel from AUTO to ON.  This will leave the amp powered on, without the input sensing engaged, and should resolve the clicking.  This switch is the bottom-most switch on the rear panel, directly above the RCA input jacks.


Rolls RM74 Mix Mate 2




ISSUE: audio output is very quiet, even with mixer and amp both turned all the way up

RESOLUTION: check that mono button is not engaged; when mono button is depressed, audio becomes very quiet.  Mono button is located to the immediate left of the Bass dial.