WiFi not working


ISSUE: wifi does not work on a device that was previously setup for it, or at the end of the setup process on a new device.


  • For a failed setup on a new device, re-enter the user’s access ID and password to ensure that they were typed properly.
  • Has the user recently changed their PSU account password, either due to a forgotten password or the yearly expiration?  If so, you will have to change the password stored in the device’s wifi settings to match the new password.
  • Has the user’s password expired?  If the user’s password has expired, they will not be able to login to ANY PSU service.  Have them try logging into a PC in the computer lab, or to their email in a web browser.  If they are able to, then the issue is with the device.  If they cannot login anywhere, the issue is with their account.

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WiFi Setup


ISSUE: how to setup wifi on a variety of devices, including users’ personal mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

RESOLUTION: wifi is available for nearly all devices.  Users with a Penn State access account can utilize the PSU network, while anyone, including guests, can use the free AT&T wifi. Continue reading